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Hi, my name is Alfie and I am a bearded collie pup.  Thank you for visiting my site.
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Paws for thought Alfie's Law came about from an idea I had with a few of my wonderful friends after reading some dreadful stories of abuse inflicted on animals. Most of them too horrific to even mention.
This campaign will help to raise awareness of the current law in the UK regarding animal abuse, neglect _ murder and how the sentences are not being used to the maximum. Too often minimum fines are given to people who inflict the most disguisting abuse and harm to our animals.
Within the UK Judicial System, sentencing guidelines are set by the Sentencing Council and they provide detailed guidance to Magistrates Courts across the UK. These guidelines state that offences of Animal Cruelty (as described in the Animal Welfare Act 2006) is triable only summarily (cannot go to Crown Court) and carry a maximum penalty of £20,000 fine and/or 6 months imprisonment).
It is highly unlikely that anyone would receive the maximum sentence and usually dis- proportionate fines are imposed
The Justice Gap - research showing the link between animal cruelty _ other forms of abuse _ why it is important for animal cruelty to be brought into mainstream criminal justice.
Paws for thought - Alfie's Law would like to see a zero tolerance on animal abuse as there is absolutely no excuse for it.
Paws for thought - Alfie's Law would also like to see sentencing increased to a maximum of 2 years custodial and a lifetime ban for persistent or serious offenders.
Paws for thought - Alfie's Law would also like to see animal protection agencies (such as the RSPCA) become part of the Criminal Justice System under the stewardship of the Crown Prosecution Service.
They can then continue to undertake prosecutions within the law but will not have to pay the prosecution costs. This would allow them financially to provide better training, recruit more inspectors _ support re-homing centres with the money they receive in donations from the public.
Codie's Story Codie was coverd in lighter fluid and set alight in maghaberry on sunday 26th august 2012.
Codie fought hard to survive but sadly after 11 days she died as the result of her horrific injuries. 2 people were arrested _ are currently on police bail pending enquiries.
UPDATE: NORTHERN IRELAND are now pushing for the maximum Sentences of 2 years which is in line with what Alfie's Law is campaigning for and encouraging Courts to use this maximum sentence more often. We are delighted with this outcome and the Justice that Codie so rightly deserves.
Please see the related article below.

Tough penalties pledge on animal cruelty: Agriculture Minister Michelle O'Neill.

HOWEVER we still need your support to make this law throughout the UK and hopefully the entire world. So please keep supporting our campaign. Below is a list of current supporters. If you would like your name and/or company added, send me an email to info@

The Forgotten Pet Advocates

Pet Haven

I Am Here Pet Campaign

The Personal Injury and Dog Attorneys at The Clark Law Office

Tyson's Story (shocking story) of how a 19yr old battered _ stabbed his dog to death


RSPCA Figures

In 2011 of the 1.25 million cases reported only 1,341 people were convicted of animal-related offences in costly private prosecution cases brought by the RSPCA, and 1,100 disqualifications orders were made by the Courts when sentencing people. Courts ordered only 74 sentences of imprisonment.
This is no deterrent neither is it preventing the escalating numbers of animal cruelty cases, more needs to be done. 
The RSPCA currently spend between £4m - £5m per year to cover prosecution costs and if this money were to be re-directed to training _ recruitment it would make a vast difference to the fight against animal cruelty.

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